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The Full Story

Virid Es Scents is a small family business devoted to creating quality, handcrafted, natural soaps, body creams, essential oil synergy blends, natural stone aroma jewelry and various sundries.  We focus on using beneficial, natural and plant based materials to create practical, honest products.

It’s all about the oils. At the heart of every item we create are pure essential oils and natural vegetable oils.  We center our attention on designing fine quality products that either contain essential oils or items that essential oils can be used on or with.

Just about every batch of soap we make is started with a high percentage of organic virgin olive oil and a smaller portion of organic virgin coconut oil.  From there each recipe varies, with additions of other useful oils like organic apricot oil, organic shea nut butter, organic cocoa butter and various others.  Olive oil is most often used, because we believe, it produces some of the finest soap out there.  Olive oil is very gentle on the skin, and it has a high concentration of nutrients that when used in soaps, leaves skin feeling soft and supple.  We love making these slices of soap goodness.   We love the feel, the natural scents and the basic, rustic look of handmade soaps. 

After our careful selection of base oils, various other simple ingredients are hand-picked to enhance each item we create.  The variety of materials used may consist of natural clays, wholesome botanicals and pure essential oils.


We believe that once you try our handcrafted products made from quality plant based ingredients, you will not want to use the commercial equivalent again.   

​ Virid Es Scents, LLC

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