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Anxiety ?? Essential Oil Synergy Blend #125

Anxiety ?? Essential Oil Synergy Blend #125


Our Anxiety?? Blend #125 is a specially crafted mix of essential oils designed to help ease anxiety and promote relaxation. With a pleasant, sweet floral scent that is heavenly to smell, this blend is perfect for those who are looking for a natural way to create a positive outlook, restore balance, and release tension. Anxiety Blend #125 is designed to help you find your center and restore a cheerful countenance. Let the gentle aroma of this blend fill your space and release tension, allowing you to relax and enjoy the present moment. Try it today and experience the benefits of this soothing and balancing blend.

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-Anxiety? #125 Essential Oil Synergy Blend was designed with the intent to help harmonize, calm, re-balance, create positive outlook, center, restore a cheerful countenance, and release tension.


. This blend is a lovely, sweet floral, heavenly.


- Roman Chamomile (sweet, warm, fruity, delicate, harmonizing, dry itchy sensitive skin, aches, calming, headache), Orange (citrus fresh happy cheerful, warm, joyous), Ylang Ylang (sweet, intense, floral, exotic, rich, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, nervousness, exhaustion, warm, calming, self-confidence, balancing sebum), Lavender (fresh, caring, herbaceous, woody, floral, calming), Frankinsence (earthy, wood, earthy, calm, deep breath, contemplate, relieve mental chatter), Clary Sage (clear, green, herb-like, calming, relaxing, tonic, dream recalling), Lemon (fresh, full of life, lively, clean, tonic, immune stimulant, detox, astringent, cooling), Pine (sweet, fresh)

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