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Bar Soap Lavender

Bar Soap Lavender


Our Lavender Soap is handmade from natural ingredients. This handcrafted, gentle soap is scented with a blend of essential oils that includes organic lavender oil. The major base oils used are organic olive and organic coconut. Sure, to Please!

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Our Lavender Soap is made with organic vegetable butters and oils. This soap is a nice cleanser, it has emollient properties, and is very gentle on the skin.
It contains organic avocado oil which is highly nutritious and therapeutic for the skin. It also contains organic shea nut butter. This butter has wonderful protective and emollient properties. Organic extra virgin olive oil is the main ingredient in this superb bar. This oil is very beneficial for the skin as it soothes and gently cleans. It may aid very dry skin.

This natural bath bar soap lathers well, is gentle on the skin and it is vegan. This is a great simple gift for someone special.

The aroma is a pleasant, sweet herbaceous floral with hints of a refreshing sweet wood. The scent is uplifting, enlivening and harmonizing.

The color of this bar is an opaque off white derived from the natural oils and butters used to construct it.

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