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Bar Soap Tea Tree Charcoal Gold

Bar Soap Tea Tree Charcoal Gold

Tea Tree Charcoal Gold soap is handcrafted from natural ingredients. It is scented with a proprietary blend of essential oils. This is a vegan bath soap. It is made with a very gentle blend of emollient base oils.  It has a sprinkle of gold mica swirled in.  
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This natural handmade bath and body soap is very gentle and has a soft feel.  This bar is scented with a custom blend of essential oils, that includes organic tea tree oil, frankincense oil and organic patchouli oil.  It is created by the cold process soap making method. This bar is handcrafted with love.  

 “Charcoal Tea Tree Gold” Soap. This soap contains organic and natural plant-based vegetable butters and oils.  This soap is a deep cleanser, and it is moisturizing, it is very gentle on the skin and it has a very nice lather. 

It contains organic avocado oil which is highly nutritious and therapeutic for the skin. It also contains organic shea nut butter. This butter has wonderful protective and emollient properties.  Organic extra virgin olive oil is a main ingredient in this superb bar. This oil is very beneficial for the skin as it soothes, moisturizes and aids in repair of very dry skin, it is considered as a skin conditioner. 

The color is black with gold streaks throughout from the included gold mica.   The activated charcoal that colors this soap is made right here in the U.S.A. and comes from a renewable resource.  It is a food grade activated charcoal powder made from American hardwood trees. Activated Charcoal Powder is widely used as a topical body treatment that captures bodily toxins. It is known for its natural deep cleansing and exfoliating properties, which allow it to gently remove dead cells without dehydrating the skin. A gentle yet effective cleanser for all skin types.
The bar has a very appealing appearance.  

This bar is scented with a custom blend of essential oils, that includes organic tea tree oil. This oil is beneficial when used topically on the skin.  It also includes frankincense which is said to have a tonic effect on skin.  And it includes patchouli which may help regenerate, cool and moisten tissue.  

Our soap is handmade, in small batches. These soaps are hand cut. We cut these bars in a standard size bar that weighs about 4 ounces 

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