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Bar Soap Ylang Ylang Calendula

Bar Soap Ylang Ylang Calendula


Ylang Ylang Calendula bath soap is a natural, vegan body bar soap with an exotic floral aroma. It is scented with pure essential oils. It is gentle on the skin, it lathers well and it has an exfoliating dark beige top and a smooth creamy base.

The aromatics of this soap is a warm, soft, sweet, exotic, floral that creates a feeling of peace.  It has hints of spice and citrus. 
Each bar contains organic extra virgin olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil and organic sustainable palm fruit oil.  Then it is topped off with a mix of rhassoul clay, ground calendula petals and a pinch of turmeric powder. 
The color is a creamy burnt yellow.  The topping is a deeper dark orange yellow with tiny flecks of yellow (calendula petal) and burnt orange flecks (turmeric mixed with rhassoul clay).  

Our soaps are handmade in small batches using the cold process method.  These soaps are hand cut. The standard bar weighs about 4 oz. 

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