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Composed #143B Essential Oil Synergy Blend

Composed #143B Essential Oil Synergy Blend


Orange and Patchouli

Perfectly balanced. In this blend we combined the uplifting, happy sweet orange with soothing, calming, grounding patchouli. Composed and well-adjusted.

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-Composed was designed to help neutralize detached feelings or negativity, and introduce a cheerful, balanced warmth to your environment. Keep Composed with you as go throughout your day. You may find it a pleasant friend, that levels out some of the ups and downs.  

-The aroma of this blend can be described as sweet, with a hint of fruit, rich and slightly woody. It grounds, stabilizes, centers, you just can’t get enough: Composed.

-This blend is so wonderful that we use it in several of our products; Composed Diffuser Blend, Composed Roller Ball, Sweet Orange and Patchouli body Cream and Orange Patchouli Bar Soap.

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