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Easy-Going #77A Essential Oil Synergy Blend

Easy-Going #77A Essential Oil Synergy Blend


Easy-Going Essential Oil Blend is a combination of oils that are reminiscent of baking apple pie or making spiced hot cider: A perfect diffuser blend for warmth, vitality, Improving your outlook and heartiness.

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-This blend was created to bring warmth and delight to your environment. This strong sweet spicy scent with warm woody undertones is considered a tonic, stimulating and comforting. It is strong on first encounter but in low concentrations in the diffuser it is very smooth and easy-going.

-orange (citrus fresh happy), cinnamon (rich, warm, spicy) clove (woody, sweet spice, kick) nutmeg (fresh, wood-spice) and Ginger (smooth, spicy, fresh).

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