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Winter #27 Essential Oil Synergy Blend

Winter #27 Essential Oil Synergy Blend


Winter #27 Essential Oil Synergy Blend a refreshing, positive, warming, stabilizing tree blend.

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-Imagine, it’s cold and snowy outside, inside you have a warm fire going in your fireplace. You placed a water pot on the stove to steam for increased humidity.   You created a potpourri of fir needles, pine needles, and juniper berries. You threw in some clove and nutmeg because you had it on hand.  As you walk around the house, getting things done, you breathe in the wonderous aroma. You find that this combination of scents makes the doldrums of winter so much more endurable. It Relieves stress and anxiety, strengthens, improves mental function, and brings a little light to the dark. Winter.

-Fir Needle (rich, balsam, pleasing), Pine (sweet, fresh), Cedarwood (woody heart note, ground), clove (woody, sweet spice, kick) and nutmeg (fresh, wood-spice)

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