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Inspire #97 Essential Oil Synergy Blend

Inspire #97 Essential Oil Synergy Blend


Inspire #97B Essential Oil Synergy Blend, a lovely refreshing, clean, uplifting, delicate, floral.

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-Inspire was designed to help steady emotions, calm without causing drowsiness, introduce a cheerful, balance to your environment, clear distractions and create. Keep Inspire with you as your go to when you want fresh inspiration. This blend is not only good for your emotions, but it is great for your skin, and general health.

-The aroma of this blend can be described as sweet-smelling, fragrant, with a hint of lemon and green. It grounds, calms, soothes, activates, and inspires, it is pleasing and applied: Inspire.

-cardamom (strong, green spice, motivating, enthusiastic), ho wood (sweet woody scent with camphoraceous notes, uplifting and balancing of emotions, calming), Geranium (green, almost lemon like floral, calming, cooling, fresh, imagine, intuition)

-This blend has many impressive qualities, we use it in several of our products; Inspire Diffuser Blend, Inspire Roller Ball, Inspire Body Spray, Inspire Facial Cleanser, Inspire Bath Bomb and Rosewood Geranium Bar Soap.

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