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Just Breathe #48 Essential Oil Synergy Blend

Just Breathe #48 Essential Oil Synergy Blend


Just Breathe #48 Essential Oil Synergy Blend is soothing, fresh, smooth, stimulating, clearing, refreshing, and relieving.

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-This blend was created with focus on breathing, clearing, cleansing, restoring, deep clean breathing, expectorant: Just Breathe #48. Use this blend to clear your head and lungs.

-The aroma of this blend can be described as clean, fresh, sweet camphorous, aromatic, mint-like. It clears, cools, stimulates, and releases tension, tonic: Just Breathe #48.

-Laurel leaf [bay leaf] (expectorant, mental stimulator, tonic, promotes inspiration and insight), Eucalyptus radiata (clean, crisp, camphorous, deep breathe, clearing, releasing tension headache), Pine Scotch (aromatic, woody, fresh, sweet, clear lungs, breathing, cough), Cajeput [ka-juh-put] (refreshing, energizing, clearing, eucalyptus-like, clean nasal passages, inhalation may relieve throat discomfort), Niaouli (sweet camphorous, fresh, cardamon-like, muscle aches, sinusitis, bronchitis), Peppermint (Strong, grassy-mint, may help reduce distress, tension headache, muscle pain, nausea, clear mental fatigue, congestion, itching), Lemon (fresh, full of life, lively, clean, tonic, immune stimulant, detox, astringent, cooling)

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