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Bar Soap Orange Patchouli

Bar Soap Orange Patchouli


Orange patchouli body soap is handcrafted with natural and organic ingredients. This soap is gentle on the skin, and it has a nice fluffy lather.

This natural bar soap has a classic scent that comes from our custom blend of pure essential oils. Organic orange essential oil is a refreshing, cheerful, warm, uplifting scent and can be beneficial for soothing dry, irritated skin. Organic patchouli essential oil is an earthy, warm, soothing, calming scent that has been said to help regenerate, moisten and cool skin tissue.  This scent is a perfect balance between the uplifting and lively sweet orange and the grounding earthy scent of patchouli. 

The color of this bar is a light orange to tan which is a result of the natural coloring from the pure essential oils and orange peel powder. 

Each Bar is created with the skin softening, loving, mild oils of olive and coconut. All the ingredients we use are carefully selected to create an extraordinary bar of soap. Organic virgin olive oil is noted as being a good moisturizer, holding the moisture close to the skin without blocking the natural function of the skin while being very gentle. This soap also contains sustainable organic palm fruit oil combined with organic virgin coconut oil which create its fluffy lather, a nice bar of soap.

We also added organic GMO-free cocoa butter.  Cocoa butter is obtained from the organically grown fruit of the Cocoa Tree (Theobroma).  It is extracted from the seed kernels (cocoa beans).  Cocoa butter has been known to help prevent drying of skin and to restore flexibility.  

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