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Rose Roll On Scented Oil

Rose Roll On Scented Oil


Our Rose Roll On Scented Oil is a luxurious, all-natural handmade product. It is scented with Rose damascene from Bulgaria and made ready to use in a base of jojoba and fractionated coconut oil. This exquisite roll-on oil has a soft, sweet, warm, floral scent, a very pleasant rose aroma.  It is so pleasing that you won't be able to stop yourself wanting a whiff every now and then. Try it out and let yourself be enchanted by this beautiful aroma. 

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Essential oil, or botanically scented oil perfumes are somewhat more delicate. They are not overpowering, and they tend not to stay as long as a synthetic or fragrance scented oil. They tend to remain on you more intimately, in other words they generally do not drift around you as some fragrances do. The scent does not continue all day. It lasts according to your body chemistry.  Remember essential oils are volatile oils and the aroma is fleeting.  However, it can be reapplied as frequently as desired.  The benefits are: You get an all-natural perfume oil, no added chemicals or fragrances, the scent is soft and alluring, not overpowering as some synthetic fragrances tend to be. It is very gentle on your skin and pleasing to your senses.  

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