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Sea Salt Scrub Lemon Refresh Blend #157

Sea Salt Scrub Lemon Refresh Blend #157


Lemon Refresh Sea Salt Scrub is a great cleanser and light exfoliator. It has a fine grain Mediterranean Sea Salt for scrubbing. Its scent is fresh, clean, lively, fruity-sweet and lemon-like.

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-Our Scrubs come in an 8 oz size. Perfect for many applications.


-This salt scrub is made with fine grain 100% natural Mediterranean Sea Salt, harvested on the west coast of Sicily, a location with ideal conditions for producing the highest quality sea salt. Mediterranean Sea Salt is a type of salt that has no additives.  It is made right from the sea water channeled into trays and then evaporated naturally by the sun.  All natural minerals remain in this high-quality salt.  


-Salt is a natural exfoliator, which can help to maintain healthy supple skin by aiding in the removal of a buildup of dead skin cells.   After using a salt scrub your skin will feel smooth and soft.


-This salt scrub is scented with a perfect combination of a Lemon drop plant-based fragrance and our pure essential oil blend Lemon Refresh #157.  It has a lively, uplifting, happy, clean, invigorating, and free flowing feel to it.  The scent is fresh, clean, lively, fruity-sweet, and lemon-like.   Its energetics may help spark positivity and confidence and can help encourage feelings of liveliness and cheerfulness.


-Lemon Refresh Sea Salt scrub is fortified with organic shea nut butter and organic coconut oil. Shea butter is loaded with nourishing compounds. It is said to soften, nourish and protect the skin against drying. Coconut oil is said to soften, moisturize and protect the skin from the harsh environment.


-Salt scrubs are great for body areas that need a little extra scrubbing. Avoid the face, neck, and any other delicate tissues where the salt grains can tear the skin.  They can be used in the shower or bath. They also can be used in the sink for rough areas on hands or in a foot bath for the rough areas on feet. 


We package our scrubs in a single use, #1 PET(E) polyethylene terephthalate plastic container that is recyclable.  

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