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Lavender Unwind #81B Essential Oil Synergy Blend

Lavender Unwind #81B Essential Oil Synergy Blend


Unwind Lavender #81B Essential Oil Synergy Blend, a pleasant fresh, clean, herbaceous floral, gentle, relaxing, tonic.  

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-Unwind Lavender was designed with the intent to help calm, relax, nurture, and help relieve mental stress and anxiety.  Keep Unwind lavender with you when you need a break to release yourself from everyday commotion. This blend is not only good for your emotions, but it is great for your skin, and general health.

-The aroma of this blend can be described as an herbaceous floral, fragrant, balanced with a sweet wood heart note, and a hint of green. It calms, soothes, freshens, and comforts: Unwind Lavender

-Lavender (fresh, caring, herbaceous, woody, floral, calming), ho wood (sweet woody scent with camphoraceous notes, uplifting and balancing of emotions, calming), Clary Sage (clear, green, herb-like, calming, relaxing, tonic, dream recalling)

-This blend has many impressive qualities, we use it in several of our products, unwind Lavender Diffuser Blend, unwind lavender Roller Ball, unwind lavender Body Spray, Lavender Linen Spray, Lavender Body Cream, Lavender Solid Body Butter, Lavender Coconut Milk Bath Bomb, and Lavender Bar Soap.

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