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Young at Heart #137 Essential Oil Synergy Blend

Young at Heart #137 Essential Oil Synergy Blend


Young at Heart #137 Essential Oil Synergy Blend, a lovely refreshing, clean, lively, gentle, fruity-sweet, floral-like aroma.

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-Young at Heart was designed to help calm without causing drowsiness, to help encourage feelings of liveliness and cheerfulness, to help generate a balance to your environment, and to produce a satisfying outlook.  Keep Young at Heart with you when you want to feel cheery. This blend is not only good for your emotions, but it is great for your skin, and general health.

-Pairs well with rose quartz stones.

-The aroma of this blend can be described as fruity-sweet, fragrant, with a hint of lemon and green. It enlivens, calms, soothes, freshens, and comforts in time of grief: Young at Heart

-Bergamot (fresh, caring, full of life, lively, calming), Copaiba Balsam (soft, sweet, vanilla-like, solid), Geranium (green, almost lemon like floral, calming, cooling, fresh, imagine, intuition)

-This blend has many impressive qualities, we use it in several of our products, Young at Heart Diffuser Blend, Young at Heart Roller Ball, Bergamot Young at Heart Body Spray, Bergamot body cream, Sugared Bergamot Sugar Scrub, Bergamot liquid foam soap and Bergamot Bar Soap.

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