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Tea Tree Frankincense

Tea Tree Frankincense

Tea Tree Frankincense Charcoal Bar Soap, Contemplate Diffuser Blend, Olive Jade with Black Lava Bead Bracelet.



Rosewood Geranium Soap, Inspire Diffuser Blend, Inspire Body Spray, Rhodonite and black silk stone Bracelet

Spa and Wellness

Lemon Refresh

Lemon Refresh Diffuser Blend, Body Spray, Salt Scrub, Lemony Lemongrass Bar Soap, Olive Jade Black Lava Bead bracelet.


Orange Patchouli

Orange Patchouli Body Cream, Composed Diffuser Blend, Orange Patchouli Bar Soap, Moroccan Agate with Brown Lava Beads Bracelet.

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It's All Leads Right Back to the Oils!

Here at Virid Es Scents you will find a variety of handcrafted, aromatic pure essential oil diffuser blends, various soaps and assorted sundries that make great additions to your daily routine and enhance your moment of calm.  Just about everything we make has a drop or so of 100% pure essential oil in it because they have so many beneficial qualities and they are the absolute best.

Our body products are designed utilizing  organic oils and butters and they are scented with essential oils. On occasion we use other plant based or other natural ingredients that complement our creations. 


Our mission is to construct wholesome useful items that you enjoy using and that enhance your daily routine. 

Everything is made in small batches on a regular basis by devoted caring hands. 


We Are Proud Members of :

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*Our products are intended for external use only.  The information we provide on this website is for educational purposes only.  The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The information we provide is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition. We do not make any make any medical claims.  Please seek a medical professional about and health concerns. 

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